Michael J. Weber is an screenwriter-author. He wrote “INVASION OF PRIVACY” (Thomson Reuters - 2004) -- an expose into hacking, corporate and government intrusion. He also wrote “CONFESSIONS OF AN INTERNET AUCTION JUNKIE” (Prima/Random House - 2000) -- the original bible on Internet auctions. Both were translated into several languages and have been incorporated in scholastic curriculums. 

Weber studied painting and fine art at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. His career began on Madison Avenue where he worked with top production companies, directors, photographers, and ad agencies. He produced over four hundred television commercials for Fortune 500 sponsors like Coke, McDonald's, Budweiser, and P&G.  

Weber then segued to Hollywood where Columbia Pictures tapped him to develop a movie on Dr. Timothy Leary. He went on to develop other biopics including one on Lena Horn for MGM. Weber's screenplays have been optioned by major studios and he's worked as a ghost writer and script doctor. 

Weber completed another script in 2011. PORT-AU-PRINCE is a Ghost Story/Political Thriller. The action takes place in the 6 days preceding the Haitian earthquake but the story spans two centuries. The project is currently getting packaged. Not one to rest on his laurels, Weber is writing his next script, 420, an Altman-esque epic about the politics of medical marijuana in Los Angeles. 

Weber is an avid glass collector and trader. He advocates the legalization of marijuana and endorses its consumption by vaporizer. He consults with several glass artists, LHS (local head shops), vaporizer manufacturers, and MMJ dispensaries through 
Pappy's BADVERTISING, his counter-culture branding agency. His friends call him Pappy.